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PUTNAM   COUNTY  FAIR   AUGUST  1 - 10, 2019


What People Say About the 2017 Fair....


John Allen, you do a great job running the fair!! The last few years it's been cleaner, more family friendly, and more farm fancy than ever.

 Krystal Martin Brooks, Cookeville, TN


I loved listening to The Glorylanders last night. The county fair provides such a variety of events. You and your board are doing a fantastic job!.

ClaudeAnn Burton


Watched the awesome derby in the rain got soaked but my kids loved it and that's what mattered most to me! Thanks for all involved!

Cherika Moodispaugh


If families want to really enjoy the fair ...please take your kids through the exhibits! Especially the poultry house! My very favorite place.... there's rabbits and geese , ducks and turkeys and peacocks... beautiful chickens, THANKS A MILLION EXHIBITORS!!!!  

Linda Bogard


It's freaking awesome. I cannot wait to see the tractor pull next year first time there and it won't be my last.

Dan Tully

Q. Where can I get a fair book?


Click here for more info.


Q. What classes will be in the truck and tractor pull?


4200 Mini Truck

5200 Pro Street 2 WD

5500 Pro Stock

8000 Pro Stock Diesel

1000 Farm Tractor



Q. I do not see anything about entering the Photography contests. Do you have to be a member of a camera club??"    


You do not need to be a camera club member to participate.  In fact, Cookeville Camera Club members are only allowed to participate in the two Professional categories.  Members are not permitted to enter photos in the 17 Amateur categories.



Information about the photography contest is best found in the "Fair Book".  It can be found at the Putnam County UT Extension office at 900 S. Walnut Ave., Cookeville (west side of the fairgrounds).  Or, perhaps it would be easier to download the book from the fair website at www.putnamcountyfair.org.  Once on the website, there is a green link on the left side of the page, "FAIR BOOK".  The first few pages of the Fair Book are un-numbered, but the numbers begin just after the table of contents.


The following pages are important:


Page 1, upper half.  Here you will find information as to when and where to bring your photo entries, notification about required barcodes, and a few other Fair requirements.


Page 7.  Most of this page describes the Photography Contest and its requirements in detail.  To ensure you are not disappointed, please read the Photography rules carefully.


Pages 28 & 29.  Here you will find further information about the required bar codes and other entry requirements.  Submitting the entry form will allow Fair personnel to pre-print your bar codes in order to reduce waiting time during the entry drop-off time on Saturday morning, July 30.  I recommend having the bar codes pre-printed!


We look forward to your participation this year.  We have a lot of people who eagerly submit photos every year.



Q. What date is family night since that is the most afforable time to take the kids?


Saturday, July 30 10a – 2p free admission, reduced armbands to ride on the midway


Sunday, July 31 11a – 2p kids under 12 free.


Tuesday, August 2, Admission $3


Q. How can I enter the rodeo?


Please call Danny Hedrick at 865-556-9154 if you want to enter the rodeo.


Q. Is there a petting zoo and can we feed the animals?


The petting zoo will have 15 animals and will be located in the West Exhibit Hall


Q. When coming to a concert are you allowed to bring a cooler (soda, water, etc.) and snacks inside?


No coolers, no back packs, or food and drinks from the outside allowed on the grounds.


Q. How will we know if a grandstand event is cancelled due to rain?


If a show is cancelled, it will be announced on the radio and on this website.


Here are some grandstand facts you should know:

  No one allowed in the center arena before 2 :00 PM

  No smoking in grandstand or arena before or during an event

  No outside food, no coolers.


Q. What kind of food will be at the fair?


The food at the fair this year is awesome! It includes items at some new concessions. We have pizza, home cooking, the best hamburgers in the world, pulled pork sliders, barbeque potatoes, ribs, corn on the cob, fresh fruit cups, veggie cups (ranch dip too), trail mix, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, bananas and so much more. Of course there is the usual carnival food fare of candy apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc. And yes, you can also get deep-fried mushrooms, onions, pickles and even Oreos.


Q. I would like to enter some houseplants in the fair but how do I keep them watered?


Not to worry, we've got you covered! Every day one of the Master Gardeners checks each plant with a sensing device to see if it needs watering, and will give your plants the appropriate amount of water every day. We love Master Gardeners and they are an important part of the fair!


Q. Where does the fair money go?


All profits are reinvested in the fair either in fairground improvements or in the program for the following year’s fair.


For example…the fair made a $10,000 profit in 2015.  Of that profit $5,000 will support Senior Citizens Day, Pacesetters program and Special Children’s Day.  An additional $5,000 has been spent on fairground improvements which included paint for the buildings inside; to buy two additional water cooling fans for use during the fair; and enclosed one of the exhibit areas in the North Exhibit Hall to store all the fans and signs belonging to the fair board.


Q. Where can the fair books be found in town?


The fair books will be available in 2016 at 150 locations from Monterey to Baxter: the County Extension Office on South Willow, the Putnam Farmers' Co-op on W. Broad, at most banks, some grocery stores, all over the county.  You can also view the book on this website. It may take awhile to download, depending on your computer and internet connection, so give it time. View it  View it here


Q. Does it cost to see the events like monster trucks?


Admission to the fair that night is $5.  There is no additional cost unless you decide to ride in one of the trucks…if rides are offered before the show then that cost is extra.



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