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2019 CHAMPION County Fair  – AAA Division, Tennessee Association of Fairs


Jake Hoot in Concert – Monday, August 3, 2020  7p at the Putnam County Fair

Breaking News!

Putnam County is purchasing 197 acres on Tennessee Avenue just west of the city of Cookeville on the new fifth leaf of I – 40.  Plans are to build an Expo Center and Fairgrounds.  Other county services may be relocated to the property as building occurs.  This map of the new property is always evolving.  We will post the revisions as they occur.  We do not have an expected date of completion at this time.  We suspect we are at least two years away from opening.

Ali Jane Gilbert, Fairest of the Fair 2019

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Volunteer Spotlight


Lori and Bill Love, and their sons Colson and Carter and big supporters of the Putnam County Fair.  Lori chairs our Horse Committee, Bill participates in all our roping events as does Colson.  We expect Carter to be roping in a year or so. The Putnam County Fair is a Family Affair for the Love Family.  Thank you for your leadership and support.



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Junior Fairboard Spotlight


Each month we will feature a junior fair Board member here.  Our junior fair board is truly outstanding and one of the finest around.  They work hard each year planning and helping us conduct the fair.  We appreciate each of them and the talents they bring to the role.

Our January Featured Junior Member is Morgan Price. Here is what she says about the Jr. Fair Board:

    " I am 16 years old. I have been on the Junior Fair Board for 4 years. When I first joined, I was 12 years old, and I didn't have many friends. I was very shy, and I kept to myself. I was really overwhelmed at first and didn't know if it was the right fit for me. By the end of the first fair, though, I became confident enough to do radio interviews. 

      I am currently shadowing the horse committee and I love it. They're great people to work with and don't treat me like a child. That is one of the many qualities I enjoy about the collaboration of the Fair Board and the Junior Fair Board. I see the Fair Board as mentors of mine, I learn more and more every time I am around them. At, TAF, about 3 years ago, the president of the Fair Board, John Allen, encouraged me to help Dawson Davidson and Susanna Clouse to give a workshop on how to build a better Junior Fair Board. I thought I was going to pass out up there helping present the slide show and now I am giving tours of the fair to the mayor, the D.A. and some of the commissioners. 

      I truly can't thank the Fair Board enough for all their support in helping the Junior Fair Board grow into themselves. Since I have joined the Junior Fair Board I have won homecoming court, gained lifelong friends, stepped way out of my comfort zone, and have become a person whom I admire. So, this is my thank you to the Fair Board and the Junior Fair Board for helping me change from a very shy young girl into a very outgoing young woman.

Morgan Price, Co-Chair, Putnam County Junior Fair Board

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  “It’s All About the Flag…”  God Bless America!  


Kids, Country and the County Fair

Pictures by Baylee Bain and Veronica Clouse