Breaking News!

Putnam County is purchasing 187 acres on Tennessee Avenue just west of the city of Cookeville on the new fifth leaf of I – 40.  Plans are to build an Expo Center and Fairgrounds.  Other county services may be relocated to the property as building occurs.  This map of the new property is always evolving.  We will post the revisions as they occur.  We do not have an expected date of completion at this time.  We suspect we are at least two years away from opening.

Ali Jane Gilbert, Fairest of the Fair 2019

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Volunteer Spotlight


Teri and Jodi Frye provide the leadership for our Chicken House.  This will be their third year to help with it and their first year in leadership roles.  We are so grateful for their help and support.

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Fairbook Coming Soon

  “It’s All About the Flag…”  God Bless America!  


Kids, Country and the County Fair

Pictures by Baylee Bain and Veronica Clouse