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PUTNAM   COUNTY  FAIR   AUGUST  1 - 10, 2019


What People Say About the 2017 Fair....


John Allen, you do a great job running the fair!! The last few years it's been cleaner, more family friendly, and more farm fancy than ever.

 Krystal Martin Brooks, Cookeville, TN


I loved listening to The Glorylanders last night. The county fair provides such a variety of events. You and your board are doing a fantastic job!.

ClaudeAnn Burton


Watched the awesome derby in the rain got soaked but my kids loved it and that's what mattered most to me! Thanks for all involved!

Cherika Moodispaugh


If families want to really enjoy the fair ...please take your kids through the exhibits! Especially the poultry house! My very favorite place.... there's rabbits and geese , ducks and turkeys and peacocks... beautiful chickens, THANKS A MILLION EXHIBITORS!!!!  

Linda Bogard


It's freaking awesome. I cannot wait to see the tractor pull next year first time there and it won't be my last.

Dan Tully

Thank you to Sandy Miller for the Theme Photography

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Putnam County Agricultural and Industrial Fair, Inc. © 2014

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Salute to Putnam County Master Gardeners

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Putnam County is truly blessed to have the Putnam County Master Gardeners as partners in educating our citizens about plants and gardening and contributing significantly to the beauty of Putnam County. 


The organization is comprised of over 60 members from the Upper Cumberland area, and is part of the University of Tennessee Master Gardener Program which boasts over 2000 members statewide. 


Annually, one of the true highlights of the Putnam County Fair is the exhibit created by our Master Gardeners.  The members contribute to the concept, create it and then host it for the ten days of the fair.  Their exhibits have received state-wide recognition.


Thousands of volunteer hours go into the exhibit as well as all the beautification projects the gardeners manage around the fairgrounds and Putnam County. They also work with White County Girl Scouts and Burgess Falls Park staff on the 2006 Governor’s Award winning Butterfly Garden at the park.  They devote one day each year to help teach about and how to maintain the Native Butterfly Garden, plant native plants, and remove invasive exotic plants. 


The Putnam County Fair Board Team Salutes the Putnam County Master Gardeners for Outstanding Achievement in creating the Annual Master Gardener Exhibit at the Putnam County Agricultural & Industrial Fair and for their efforts to make Putnam County, Tennessee a Great Place to Live!

Four Hundred and Ninety One Volunteers Make the Putnam County Fair Possible!!!!


Thank You Putnam County Fair Volunteers!!!


Joyce Allen, Geri Nixon, Katie Gibbs, Carolyn Wilson, Meg Goode, Rich Goode, Jill Tustin, Judy Ramsey, Sue Young, Gwen Ray, Cindy Gray, Martha Sue Bonner, Frances Crawford, Sandra Shepherd, Patricia Taylor, Christy Shepherd, Diane Bennett, Deb Wolfe, Tammy Loftis, Andrew Hall, Opal Bohannon, Beverly Hall, and Velma Peek.


Hill Carlen, Ruth Vanbeber, Pat Long, Debra Farley, Doris Hawkins, Jane Boyd, Pat Grimes, Pat Mills, Judy Leftwich, Linda Thompson, Vickie Apple, Dean Cobb, Marcy Griffin, Kathleen Hatfield, Helen Marie Kulis, Janet Garret, Pat Daniels, Karen Smith, Dan Fenton, Patricia Bouldin, Liz Allison, Noreen Talent, Shirley York, Dusty Ray, Gloria Vick, Cathy Beechboard, Trenda and Mickey Murphy, Beverly Madewell, Tammy Bilbrey, and Chris and Teresa Smith.


Albert Harris, Donna Hamilton, Terry Lewis, Patsy Farris, Ray Farris, Vickie Walraven, Kelly Farris, Cathy Reel, Michael Walraven, Peggy Taroli, Becky Taroli, Tim Mahan, Ursula Mahan, Mel Maxwell, Samantha Poston, Larry and Brenda Edmondson, Susan Richardson, Josh Brown, Nick and Paula Mercer, Amy Underwood and Beta Club Members from Heavenly Host Lutheran School, Daniel and Joyce Poston and Dr. George Boyd.


Roy Moss, Sally Moss, Johnny Hale, Tommy Goff, Roy Moss, Jr., Tiffany Moss, Carlee Moss, Braxton Moss, Jennifer Steger, Hannah Steger, Bailey Steger, Chad Combs, Jake Simmons, and Christie Meyer Faccinto.


Linda Huddleston , Pam Looper ,Tiffani Milligan, Tyler Milligan, Tim Milligan Dustin Chrisham, Cary Sible, Darlene Stout, Trina Allison, Danita Henry, Pam Looper, Rita Graham, and several Former Fairest of the Fair.


Officers and Members of the Cookeville Camera Club -- Cindy Lyons, Richard Thompson, Leann Walker, Donnie King, Sheila Rich, Helga Skinner, Kathy Krant, Bill and Sandy Miller, Helga Skinner, Bettye Austin and Members of the Cookeville Camera Club.


Putnam County Extension Staff -- Michelle Parrott, Tonya Nash, Alan Galloway, Ginger Dunn, Halie Beason, Wayne Key, Melissa Henry, Trent Jones and Putnam County 4-H Members and Volunteers Emily Armstrong, Hannah Armstrong, Dawsen Arms, Kinley Arms, Hannah Steger, Bailey Steger, Kayla Mick, Cadence Howell, Blake Shepherd, Grant Mainord, Hannah Bernhardt, Sierra Ray, Haley Ray, Jodi Frye, Reece DeWispelare, Alley King, Gracey Hurst, Jennifer Arms, Chrissy Howell, and Michelle Mainord 


Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival Board Members -- Barbara Tolleson, Betty Robinson, Sharon Clark, Melinda Bilbrey, Sheila Rich, Peggy Barrociere, Brenda Dishman, Shirley Pendley, Nancy Pardue, and Sandy Kennedy. 


Officers, Members and Volunteers of the Upper Cumberland Walking Horse Association – James Sherrell, Jerry Swallows, Todd Mackie, Vickie McCormick, Pat Stout, Lesa Davidson, Linda Swallows, Dusty Clark, Sandra Robinson, Don Robinson, Gary Stidham, Noble Stout, Gary Bowman, Kyle Bush, Rod Slagle, Heidi McWilliams, Alexis Clark, Karen Allen and Donna Sherrell.


Nancy Snope, Serina Wells, Pat O’Mara, Jan Tollett, C.B. Coburn and 40 other Putnam County Master Gardeners.


The Families of the Country Store – Tammy and Hank Guess, Crystal and Waylon Holt, Sheyene Holt, Roy and Krisy Livingston, Kathryn, Sissy and Kutie Livingston, Crystal, Kyle, Erin and Stephen Cooper, Charity and Mark Uker, James and Sherron Stanton, and Betty Uker. 


Ryan and Sherry Allen, Tucker Allen, Jozie Allen, Lucy Allen, Susan Richardson, Larry and Brenda Edmondson, Bill Dyer, Jimmy Allen, Andy, Walker and Anden York, Ann Bilbrey, Kentucky Pony and Mule Pulling Association Members, Britnie Pittman, Greg Ray, Jessica Roberson, Josh Brown, David Gentry, Bobby Vinson, and Caroline Hunter and the Putnam County Cattlemen’s Association.


Lori and Bryan Colson, Gary and Bobbi Wyatt, Jackie and Nancy Rector, Susan and Alan Ray, Samuel Sheumaker, David and Victoria Clouse, Melinda Bilbrey and 25 Volunteers from Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County and Kimber Wagner and 25 Volunteers from Cookeville High Lady Cavs Softball.


Volunteers of the Putnam County Archives -- Carol Bradford, Sue and Ben McNew, Sharon and Reyes Mata, Brian and Sarah Hall, Robert Mills, Geneva Clemons, Trish Mahan, Ashton Leftwich, Randy and Janie Thompson and Nancy and Glynn LaFever.


Putnam County Fair Board Team – Kay Sliger, Patti Clark, Alana Huddleston, Angie Glascock, William Clark, Carly Stout, Ron Chaffin, Glenn Jones, Patsy Farris, Melanie Bussell, Craig Bussell, Pam Thomas, Myra Walker, Randy Walker, Gaye Ann Hill, Madison Hill, Barbara White, Deuel White, Lori Love, Bill Love, Heather Henry, Jessica Clark, Dawson Davidson, Bert Collins, Sally Askew, Caroline Hunter, Bobby Vinson and Brandy Minnear.  


Putnam County Junior Fair Board – Riley Glascock, Cassidy Holt, Austin Archer, Grace Clouse, Karissa Livingston, Josh Flatt, Morgan Price, Callie Julian, Abbi Dalton, Adaline Clouse, Chloe Flach, Grady Gammon, Reece Dewispelare, and Grant Gammon.  


Fair Board Interns -- Samantha Steger and Baylee Bain.  


Putnam County Fair Board -- Carl Bilbrey, Jeremy Glascock, Sterling Sarr, Gina Hooper, Thom Steger, Roger Dereske, Shawn McClain, Jerry Swift, John Edgington, Kim Milligan, Carol Vinson, Matt Gaw, Wes Roberson, Susanna Clouse, Brian Jones, Jane Sadler, Olivia Rathunde, Brenda Gentry, David Hunter, and John Allen. 




Master Gardener's Exhibit 2017

See live demonstrations daily at the 2018 Fair by Pick Tennessee Producers.

MUST SEE AT THE FAIR...the Putnam County Master Gardeners have created 'Charlotte's Web,' in plants and flowers...Wilbur, Charlotte, the Goose and family, even the rat...they are all there in this wonderful exhibit.


Thanks to Nancy Snope and all 50 of our master gardeners...great job! Thanks Barbara White, our official fair photographer.

2017 Fairest of the Fair Abbi Dalton, and Miss Teen Allie Hamby, joined our first ever Pre-K Children at the Putnam County Fair.  One hundred and thirty two pre-k children and their parents joined us on Friday morning for a tour of the exhibits, ride on the Merry Go Round, and a visit to the Petting Zoo.

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Heather Henry, Alana Huddleston, Carly Stout, Abbi Dalton and Autumn Allison

Fairest of the Fair winners 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 respectively.


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What People Say About the 2018 Fair...


We certainly enjoyed the luncheon that included Century Farm owners yesterday.  It was obvious you had spent quite a bit of your time putting it all together.   The display in the Women's Bldg. was very artistic and creative.


"Thank You" for your efforts - we appreciate your initiating the program to be a part of the Putnam County Fair!


Karen Wayland-Hawkins


John Allen knows how to plan, surround himself with progressive hard working individuals and produce a better Putnam County Fair each year. The improvements this year are amazing. It is not just a midway, it is An Agriculture Fair. You can see old farm equipment, a Southern Living Chicken House, locally raised produce, a pig, sheep, horse show, a straw bale vegetable garden and the list goes on. Oh yes, and don’t forget to see the Putnam County Master Gardener barn, Into The Woods. Find John when you visit and tell him thanks!

Gloria Vick


My kids have been able to experience a county fair like no other & ten times better than when I was a kid. I’m very thankful my kids get to experience one of the greatest shows on earth headed by our family. Thank you John.

Stephen Allen


“I have been around this fair for over 25 years and the fairgrounds has never looked better. And you know why?  It’s because you have a fair board that works their tails off all day long, every day. Those people work hard. I’ve been watching them.”

Mitchell Sullivan


Yay! for clean bathrooms, friendly helpful volunteers, variety of shows and activities, and keeping it going and going and going!!

Susan Ray


I thought it was awesome! The woman I volunteered with was very interesting and we talked for 6 hrs. The fair visitors who came by our section were polite and cheerful. Thanks for all your hard work John Allen!

Bruce Budge

Ribbon Cutting 2018

Autumn Faith Allison

Fairest of the Fair 2018

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