Regulations, and Information

FAIR ENTRY DAY – Saturday, August 3, 2024

People with fair entries will enter the Northeast Gate. Watch for ‘Fair Entries” signs all around the fairgrounds directing you to the Entry Gate on the east side of the fairgrounds.

We will have fair board members, volunteers and junior fair board members to direct you and to assist you with your entries when you arrive. You will be able to unload your things, have someone watch them, while you park your vehicle and return to make your entries.

Junior Fair Board Members will also have golf carts if you need a ride, please just flag one down.

General Rules

1. The Putnam County Fair is planned and managed by volunteers. No fair board member or junior fair board member receive any monetary pay or financial reward for their work. As volunteers we make every effort to show respect to all who attend the fair. “Any person, participant, exhibitor, guest or other individual being disrespectful to any volunteer or guest prior to or during the fair will be asked to leave the grounds immediately, and/or denied admission to the fair.”

2. All exhibits in Departments 100 – 400 must be entered between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon Saturday, August 3 and must remain on exhibit until 1:00 p.m. Sunday, August 11, 2024. (See department rules for additional entry information and removal of livestock, horses and mules, pets, rabbits, and poultry.)

3. All entries must have an exhibitor number with barcode. An exhibitor number and barcode may be obtained in advance of the fair or at the Cultural Arts Building near the Fair Office on Entry Day from 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
You can also mail the entry form in this fair book or print an entry form at and mail it in advance of the fair to have barcodes waiting for you on Entry Saturday. Entry forms being mailed must be postmarked no later than ten days before Entry Day to assure they are received and processed.
All past participants are in our computer and we can print barcodes for you if we know you are entering things again this year. Just mail us an entry form no later than ten days before entry day.
BARCODES available 7:30 a – 11:30 a, Saturday August 3.
ENTRIES accepted 8:00 a – 12:00 noon, Saturday, August 3.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Arrive prior to 11:30a to pick up your barcodes. Barcodes will not be given out after 11:30a. Departments will not accept entries after 12:00 noon.
Make sure you get your items entered in the correct department and class.
It would be wise to label each item before coming to the fair with the department and class numbers. Each individual exhibitor is responsible for assuring your entries are entered correctly into the fair.

4. Entries must be removed between 1:00 p and 2:30 p on Sunday, August 11. Entries not picked up on Sunday will be discarded after noon on Tuesday, August 15. We must vacate the fairgrounds on Tuesday, August 13 we cannot store your entries.

5. Competition is open to Putnam County residents and 4-H members in Putnam County, unless stated otherwise. Refer to individual department rules for exceptions.
All animal shows are OPEN to anyone, except for the Putnam County Horse Show.

6. All entries must be made in the name of the bona-fide owners. Questions arising relative to the ownership of animals, articles, or the growing of farm or garden products, the person making such an entry may be required to make affidavit relative to the same.

7. Should unforeseen conditions arise over which we have no control, at any time before or during the fair, and in any case any unforeseen conditions should arise that we are unable to pay 100 percent premiums we reserve the right to prorate said premiums. Right reserved to carry over the program from day to day or declare off any or all classes on account of severe weather events, excessive rain, fire or any other reason deemed necessary by the Putnam County Fair Board.

8. No Fair Board member, Head of Department, Superintendent, or Employee has the authority to contract any debt of any nature unless the amount is first approved by the President of the Putnam County Fair.

9. Questions involving the alteration or modification of rules and regulations of the fair shall be submitted in writing to the President of the Putnam County Fair.

10. No changes or additions shall be made in the premium list of any department. Errors should be called to the attention of the President of the Fair for corrections at least 30 days before the fair otherwise they will stand as printed in the fair book.

11. The Fair Board will not permit any article or animal deemed unworthy by the judges to be awarded a premium. In case of only one entry in a class, it shall be judged according to the quality of the entry and/or second place premium amount awarded.

12. Every animal and article on exhibition shall be under the control of the President of the Fair and while every reasonable precaution will be taken to safe-guard same, neither the President, fair management, nor its officers and directors will be responsible for any loss, damage, or accidents that may occur.

13. No livestock, poultry or other animals except show stock will be permitted to occupy stalls or space allotted for this purpose and no show stock will be permitted to occupy stalls except by permission of officials in charge – Jeremy Glascock, and Angie Glascock. Fair officials will remove livestock from the stalls in violation of this rule. All barns are required to use shavings only.
Premium checks are available at the fair office as noted below:
• Premiums for departments 100 — 400 will be paid after 1p.m. Thursday, August 8
• Poultry show premiums will be paid after 5p.m. on Friday, August 10
• Pageant checks will be available after 5p.m. August 10
• Judging on the last Friday and Saturday of the fair will be paid after 5p on Saturday, August 10.
• Checks may also be picked up on Sunday, August 11, between 1p and 2:30p when entries are released.
We make every effort to have checks ready according to the above schedule; however, it is always wise to call the fair office at 931-528-9316 before coming to pick up your check.

14. Only businesses or individuals holding a signed/privileged contract from the Putnam County Fair Board shall be permitted to advertise, make sales, take orders, and/or to make delivery on the Putnam County Fairgrounds.

15. Department Superintendents and committee members will assign each exhibitor space for their exhibits.

16. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on the Putnam County Fairgrounds.

17. Announcements or changes made on the day of purchase of concession stand/booth will be deemed an addition to the Rules and Regulations and must be obeyed. Fair management reserves the right to announce changes related to Concessions and Commercial space before or during the fair if deemed necessary.

18. Any announcement or change made during the ten days of the fair by the Putnam County Fair Board will take precedence over rules in the fair book.

19. Smoking of tobacco products or vapor apparatuses is not allowed in any building or in the grandstands, on the stages or while standing around the main arena fence in front of the grandstands, or within 25 ft. of any door on the fairgrounds.

20. No dogs or animals allowed on the premises except those being exhibited and service dogs (Seeing Eye dogs, etc.) unless special permission is given by the Putnam County Fair Board.
Animals exhibited shall remain in exhibition area.
The living quarters of James Gang Amusements and their workers are excluded from this rule.
Service dogs/emotional support dogs must wear a vest or tag and be on a leash not longer than 3 ft. at all times, otherwise the owner may be asked by multiple fair officials to explain why the animal is on the fairgrounds. Anyone being rude will be asked to leave the grounds with your animal and not return.