Volunteer at the Putnam County Fair

There are many ways YOU can volunteer and be a part of the
Putnam County Fair

The easiest perhaps is watching exhibits for 4-6 hours during the fair in exchange for a ten-day admission badge.

The schedule for watching exhibits is: 

Weekdays 4p – 10p

Saturdays 12n – 5p and 5p – 10p

Sunday 12n – 5p and 5p – 10p

If this is what you would like to do just email us at info@putnamcountyfair.org.
Questions to: Glenn Jones, Putnam County Archives, 931-704-0085 or email Glenn at: archives@putnamcountytn.gov.

Short Term Involvement


There are always a need for volunteers to work a day or two during the fair taking entries, assisting with the judging, helping to conduct one of the animal shows, assisting in the fair office, watching the exhibits in the buildings, etc. These are simple commitments of 4-8 hours. A ten-day pass will be provided to anyone working a minimum of six hours.

Just email us at: info@putnamcountyfair.org


Putnam County Fair Board

The Putnam County Fair Board is always looking for new board members. New board members will have a chance to work with the board during the fair and if agreeable they can join the board in the fall of the year.

“The Putnam County Fair is ten-day event involving 68,000 people, over 2500 exhibitors exhibit almost 5,000 entries, and offering $100,000 in premiums.”

All board members are volunteers, who devote 10-15 hours a month to the planning of the fair, scheduling events, planning activities, negotiating contracts, soliciting sponsorship, and promoting and marketing the fair.

During Fair Time 

Fair Board Members can expect to work, at least, two Saturdays prior to the fair, and the ten days and nights of the fair, as well as the Sunday after the fair when the fair is put to bed.

Each board member is invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Tennessee Association of Fairs with the board providing room and some meals during the three-day meeting in Murfreesboro. 

Anyone interested in possibly joining the fair board should contact Jeremy Glascock, Chair, New Member Committee at info@putnamcountyfair.org or jglascock@cookeville-tn.gov .

“The Putnam County Fair Association, Inc. – a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing Putnam County and Tennessee heritage, agriculture, and the arts for over 96 years.”

Junior Fair Board

Young people between the ages of 13-21 in Putnam County, Tennessee are eligible to be on the Junior Fair Board. You must love the fair, have a desire to

help others, be willing to attend meetings and work at least 40 hours at the fair.

It is a time commitment when you join the Junior Fair Board. It takes time each month to attend meetings, and complete projects.

The time commitment is less during the late fall and winter months. But come spring and summer things do pick up significantly.

Thirty-Three young people serve on the Junior Fair Board in 2023 – getting all
together for a picture is impossible as many of them have jobs.
Thirty-Three young people serve on the Junior Fair Board in 2023 – getting all together for a picture is impossible as many of them have jobs.

You will be involved in the planning of the Putnam County Fair, and you will be asked to recommend program and entertainment ideas. During the fair you will work on fair committees, work in the fair information booth, assist in setting up for events, assist with taking entries, and managing all aspects of a community event involving almost 559 volunteers and over 62,000 people who attended the fair in 2023.

If you are interested in being on the Junior Fair Board go to www.putnamcountyfair.org and fill out the Application posted on this website. Send it to Susanna Clouse, Putnam County Fair, P.O. Box 1001, Cookeville, TN 38503.

There is a committee of fair board members and junior fair board members who will review your application. Be sure all information on the application is correct. You can expect to hear from someone on the Fair Board within a month of sending in an application.

Volunteer Recognition Continues as a High Priority of our Fair

Here are Some of the Ways We Recognize Volunteers by the Putnam County Fair

Six Fair Volunteers

Annually we recognize six volunteers at our Volunteer Luncheon with a trophy,

pictures and write up in the fair book and lunch and introduction during the luncheon program.

Fair Family Recognition

Pictures and writeup in the fair book and in the luncheon program

We recognized two families in 2021 – first year of the program

“Friend of the Fair” Award

2021 First year of the program – Recognized the County Mayor for his leadership if finding property for the new Expo Center and fairgrounds.

Considering another award in 2023 for someone who has supported our fair for years and is in politics.

Legacy Families of the Fair

Families who have supported the Putnam County Fair for at least 50 years.

Twenty-One Families identified in the first year of this program.

Scholarships for Young People Involved in Agriculture or Family & Consumer Science.

Junior Fair Board Members are eligible for $250 Ag Amazing Scholarships given annually. (15 given in 2021 and 13 offered in 2022).

Fair Board Scholarships

Younger Fair Board Members and Junior Fair Board Members eligible for $500 scholarship given annually. (Three given in 2021)

All fair volunteers who serve on committees and help take entries receive a fair t-shirt, lunch on Entry Day and two free ten-day passes to the fair for them and their spouse/guest.