Legacy Families of the
Putnam County Fair

Families that have been involved in and supportive of the Putnam County Fair for Fifty (50) Years or more.

The Allen Family
Albert, Georgia Lee, John, Jimmy, Jerry, and Mary Lee Brown

The Benson/York Family
Jim and Shirley, Geri Nixon, Andy, Katie, Anden, and Walker York, and Angie, Jeremy, Riley, and Ryan Glascock

The Bilbrey Family
Kenneth, Carl and Ann, and Bob Lee

The Bohannon Family
Opal, Sammy, Phyllis, and Haley

The Boyd Family
Dibrell, Jane, Dr. George, Carol, and David

The Boyd Family
Asberry, Elliott, Lois, and Ruth

The Boyd Family
Aubrey, Cora Belle, Jerry, and Lou Ann

The Brewington Family
Henry, Lorene, and Gary

The Carter Family
Willis and Ethel Carter, Charles and Mary Carter, Joyce Daugherty, Gay Lane, Janice Blaylock, Amber Hoffert, Megan Cooper, Kallie Hoffert, and Carmen Hoffert.

The Ralph Chaffin Family

The Clark Family
A.C., Katherine, Sandra, Patricia, Eddie, Jim, Katie, and Blake and Jared Shepherd

The Dyer Family
Joe F., Bill, Pam, and Jonathan

The Letha Findley Family

The Griggs Family
Shields and Sharon

The Jones Family
Austin, Debbie, Dannie, and Glenn

The Manning Family
Roger and Lillian Manning

The Mullins Family

The Roberson Family
Fred, Mary Della, Wes, and Will

The Shanks Family
Reggie, Andelene, Pam, Penny, and Gina

The Slagle Family
Tom and Bernice, Ronnie, Jeff, Rod, Carrie, Joanna, Cassi, Riley, Reagan, Tyler, and Griffin.

The Sliger Family
Kay and Ronnie

The Tays Family
Clarence and Charlotte, Sam and Beth, Justin, Ezra, and Ansel

The Qualls Family
Boyd, Bonnie, Lynon, Elwin, Cathy Qualls Reels, Cindy Qualls Polk, Tara Polk

The Vaughn Family
Willard, Miriam, Julie, Danny, Angie, Mercedes, Tanner and Robert Henry “Pa” Vaughn

The Wright Family

If your family has been a supporter of the fair for at least fifty years please let us know and we will add your family to this distinguished list of families. A plaque will be placed at the new Expo Center honoring these families once the new facility is built and open to the public.

10/2023 Revised