How You "Might"
Organize a Junior Board

2017 Putnam County Fair Junior Fair Board – 15 young people strong.

Treat them as adults and with respect – and they will respond.

Don't just give them the "dirty jobs".
Don't treat them as gophers.

Listen to them!

Make sure they have some fun jobs too! They are capable, enthusiastic, and creative – take advantage of their talents.
In a matter of two hours they turned wooden pallets into staging materials – even sold one to Julie Vaughn and visitors from other fairs.
They contacted Pick TN Products business owners, scheduled 16 live demonstrations and served as host fore each demonstration.
Volunteer labor to renovate and improve exhibit areas in the grandstands for community service credit at school.
They manage two fair information booths, create them, staff them and do a great job meeting the public!

BUT don't forget to get them a ride armband or buy them tickets for your rides as a reward.

They can do anything a fair board member can do, and by all means let them go visit and thank your fair sponsors.

They worked with our dairy and livestock superintendants in creating and conducting live showmanship demonstrations two hours before each of our dairy, beef, sheep and goat shows.
Feeding and caring for the pigs for the Greased Pig Catching Contest – one of last year‟s most popular new attractions at the fair.
Give them some fun time also to help them bond and get to know each other.
Created, staffed and operate our Farmer for the Day annually.
Our Junior Fair Board members receiving our First Runner-Up Fair Award, AAA Division, in 2016 at the 2017 Tennessee Association of Fairs Association Awards Dinner

The Possibilities are Endless
Their Enthusiasm is Boundless
Their Joy Infectious


They will inherit your fair one day – you are helping them prepare for that day.

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